Ordering Information

In this age of click-and-go internet ecommerce, we ask your patience with our ordering process.

Because each pair of WillyMocs is handmade specifically for your feet, we need to first send you our WillyMoc Measurement and Order Kit. The kits consists of an order form/folder where you fill in your contact information, take your measurements, and trace your feet. The kit includes instructions on how to measure and trace your feet—instructions also available below.

The kit is $25 for first-time orders/customers. The kit fee is then deducted from the total amount of your shoe order, once full payment is received. We keep your completed information folder and measurements on file for future orders.

GET THE KIT: Call or email us when you’re ready to order. Provide your mailing address and we’ll send out the Measurement and Order Kit.

If you’re building your own shoe, call us and we’ll work with you determine the style, color, leathers, saddles and tie finishes, sole options and more (the costs for various options and extras are listed below). We can then quote you a price. We will enter the shoe-build particulars on the kit order form before we send it for you to confirm and return with the measurements.

If you’re choosing a shoe built as pictured and described from our product pages, enter the name (and number, if applicable) of that shoe on the order form included with the kit.

Options and Extras

—Custom Arch Supports (add) $39

—Shoe Sizes 14 and up (add) $69

—Customers with multiple foot problems that require extra alteration for proper fit (add) $75

—Hand-Dyed Soles (add) $39

Calfskin Lining

—Slip-on Styles (add) $79

—Chuckka Boots (add) $79

—Hunting Boots (add) $79

Exotic Leathers

—Any species (Call for a Quote)


—WillyMoc Leather Protector (4 oz. jar) $20

—Vibram® Soles (add) $125

—Resoles (handsewns) $250

—Shipping and Handling $20/pair (extra for overseas, Canada, Alaska, Hawaii and Mexico will be billed accordingly)

Instructions for Measuring and Drawing the Foot

For first time buyers, the measurement and order procedure included in the kit you will receive are as follows:

STEP 1: Stand with your weight distributed evenly on the inside of the folder, one foot on each half. Wearing the type of socks you will typically use, (if your intention is to wear your shoes without socks, if not, then stand barefoot).

STEP 2: Have someone else trace the outline of each of your feet. Use a sharp pencil or ball-point pen. Do not use a marker. Slant the pencil at about a 45-degree angle at the heel and then straight up around the remainder of the foot until reaching the heel again.

STEP 3: Using the cloth measuring tape, have the person tracing your feet measure around the ball of each foot and then the instep. Write down the measurements in inches for each foot. The tape measure should be pulled snug, but not tight.

STEP 4: To check for arch placement, measure and mark the front bone below the large toe and then measure and mark to where the heel just begins.

STEP 5: For boot orders, take additional measurements at the heel, ankle and around the leg, eight inches up.

STEP 6: Please tell us what shoe size and width you are currently wearing and any other pertinent information we need to know.

STEP 7: Provide name, telephone and email address. We will contact you to let you know when we start building your shoes.

STEP 8: Mail the kit back to us. Do not fax the measurements and tracings, as fax machines distort the image.

Key Questions to answer for us:
—Will you wear socks with your WillyMocs?
—Did you measure and trace your feet in: light socks? heavy socks?
—What shoe size are you purchasing now? Include length and width.


Erik & Jodi Milton
P.O. Box 1434,
Rushville, Nebraska 69360

willymoc order kit willymoc order kit

When you are ready to order, contact us and we'll send the WillyMoc Measurement and Order Kit.