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Why You Belong in a Pair of WillyMocs. There's nothing quite like the comfortable luxury of a custom-fit, hand-sewn shoe.
Get Into a Pair of WillyMocs. Ordering and fitting information.
Hand sewn, Custom-fit Shoes Offered:
» Classics | Boots | Sidelace | Exotic Leathers
» Boat Shoes | Golf Shoes | Camp Mocs
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Contact Willy. The custom, handmade nature of our product means you may need to contact us directly.
Show Schedule. We display and take orders at several art shows and festivals each year.
About Willy and Barb. The O'Neals have been at this shoemaking thing a long time.
Policies and Procedures. Returns, shipping costs, payment, repairs...
Frequently Asked Questions. Where to go before you call.
Exotic Leathers and Leather Colors. Much to choose from for those looking to design their own based on the featured styles.
Ordering a Pair of WillyMocs. Here's how it's done.
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By Hand? Really? Why we hand-build your shoes.
About Break-in. Something's got to give: either the shoe or your foot.
Oooh...Ahhh. The delicious comfort of a custom-made shoe.
Gotta Be Me. Order that unique, exotic-leather look you're after.
Testimonials. They love their WillyMocs! Here's why.

WillyMoc Handmade Shoes