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The WillyMoc Comfort Fit

The real joy of owning a pair of hand-made WillyMocs is the careful, custom fit. The handsewn beauty and enduring quality just sweeten the ownership experience. If you long to walk life's countless miles in pillowy comfort and glove-fitting style, you belong in a pair of Willy O'Neal's hand-crafted shoes. And for those with feet or back problems, on-your-feet comfort is a true blessing—you'll find that in a pair of WillyMocs.

How do we do it? Savvy.
(and dedicated craftsmanship)

For example, we have come to understand through research and experience that the arch of the foot is not in the same location on both feet. For most people, feet vary in size up to one-half size between right and left foot. Therefore, we construct your shoes with the arch in the proper location for each foot, resulting in amazing comfort while preventing future foot problems.

Our WillyMoc fit system allows your feet to make their own footbed in the orthotic material that is between the layers of leather. This material conforms to your foot structure, yet doesn't break down over time. We can also add arch systems to provide additional support and lessen fatigue in your legs and feet.

There is something you must understand about shoes and feet: something's got to give. Either the shoe fits properly with no breaking in period and will deliver lasting support and protection--or the foot will break down to the shoe, damaging your feet, and that's not a good thing.

It's no wonder our customers love their WillyMocs. They shower us with words of sincere gratitude, amazed comfort, and pure delight. You're welcome to read them, but we can sum it all up for you in two words: oooh, ahhh...

Get Yours.

That perfect fit begins with good measurements. We guide you through the process, and even send you a kit when you're ready to order.

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