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We'll build your WillyMocs with any of the selection of the exotic hides we carry. If you'd like something that isn't listed here...that doesn't mean we can't get it or won't use it, we only feature what is typically available—leathers that are sourced from carefully-managed game preserves. We'll even make your shoes with a hide you provide.

grid of exotic leathers

Durable Leathers: Elephant, Rhino, Hippo, Shark, Bullhide

Bold Looks: Ostrich (leg shin and full quill), Caiman Crocodile, Lizard, American Alligator

Others: Distressed-look and embossed-pattern bullhides are also available.

Typically, building your shoes with the exotic leathers featured above adds $200 to the cost.

willymocs: a perfect fit



Hey, you're getting a pair of custom-made shoes: anything goes! We'll build your WillyMocs with any combination of these leathers and colors. Once you've determined color, leather type and style, call us at WillyMoc and we'll quote you a price and send you out our measurement kit.

leather colors

distressed and tooled bullhide

crocodile colors

ostrich shin

full quill ostrich

hippo, elephant, rhino
NOTE: Colors of actual leather my vary from what displays on your monitor.

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