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WillyMocs: Handmade Shoes

Willy O'Neal began making shoes back in 1959 with a prominent shoe company in Maine. In 1985 he started a business focused on people to whom comfort and fit means everything. His wife Barb came on as a full-time shoemaker in 1993 after a 20-plus year nursing career.

Using top-quality leathers, hard-won experience, and a fine craftsman's pride, each pair of WillyMoc shoes is custom cut, hand lasted and handsewn.

It take years of dedicated skill to create a beautiful, handsewn shoe that is both functional and unique while being incredibly comfortable. Willy keeps the high art of shoemaking alive with his well-practiced ability to read the leather as he builds the customer's shoe a stitch at a time around the shoe last (a last is a model set-up to match the customer's foot).

Willy and Barb are among of the few remaining shoemakers in America still cutting and sewing shoes by hand, proudly preserving the craft learned more than 50 years ago.

You will find Willy and Barb at fine, juried art shows around the country, displaying their line of quality handsewn shoes and taking orders, offering discriminating customers classic and original designs in boots, shoes, and slippers.

Shoes Made Just For You

Your shoes will be carefully customized for you by using tracings and measurements you supply—including measurements around arches and foot widths. This custom-made process not only allows for an exact fit, but gives you the choice of style, colors, soles, and leather types—leathers that include the always beautiful and interesting ostrich, crocodile, and alligator.

All orders and measurements are kept on file to insure our customers are provided exceptional and individualized service.

We make no excuses. From the first pencil tracing on the leather to the last hand-tightened stitch, we build each shoe to precisely fit each foot. Let us build a pair of WillyMocs for you!



willymocs: a perfect fit

Willy & Barb O'Neal
P.O. Box 1434, Green Valley, Arizona 85622
(520) 625-1527

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